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Aug 2, 2006:
Optical Connections Inc. asks Arena Eyeworks to fit their very first patient, on a world-wide basis, with their newly FDA approved 'WaveTouch High Definition Soft Contact Lens.' WaveTouch technology will allow for the most individualized soft lens vision correction currently available to patients. It also corrects for irregular astigmatism which usually manifests in symptoms such as blurring, glare, and halos around lights, as well as poorer vision at night or in low light conditions.

Jul 7, 2006:
Arena Eyeworks has been designated as San Diego's "Practice of the Future" by a group of prominent industry leaders. "We have chosen Arena Eyeworks Optometry as our model showcase for embracing and incorporating the latest integrated technologies from key eye care companies around the world," says industry expert Ed Buffington in awarding this honor to Dr. Goldsmid, his staff and associate Doctors.

Oct 1, 2005:
Synergeyes Inc asks Arena Eyeworks to fit their very first patient, on a world-wide basis, with the newly FDA approved hybrid "High Definition" SynergEyes contact lens. The central gas permeable portion of the lens is designed to neutralize higher order aberrations for optimized visual acuity, while the soft periphery offers stability, and comfort. This technology will now enable the fitting of contact lenses for those patients requiring the vision of a rigid contact lens yet desiring the comfort of a soft contact lens and will also address the fitting of more complex irregular corneal contours.

Jan 1, 2005:
Arena Eyeworks incorporates various technologies in preparation of embarking on their formiddable three year project of becoming a 100% paperless practice.

May 15, 2004:
Arena Eyeworks is chosen as one of the first three investigation sites for the Z-View" Aberrometer. This device replaces several tests currently performed in the eye doctors office and provides an accurate account of the patients optical errors and imperfections. Because of this capability to measure for these imperfections, the vision correction prescription is superior to the current 20/20 benchmark. The result is custom wavefront-guided spectacle lenses which can reduce glare, blur and improve night vision.

Jan 18, 2003:
The first of its kind CustomLASIK procedure in California was officially performed by our lasik specialist at our laser facility today. "This event marks the beginning of a new era in refractive surgery. With CustomLASIK, night symptoms are virtually eliminated, and refractive outcomes are more precise with patients having a greater chance of achieving 20/20 or better vision", says center representative, Brett Braun.

Aug 1, 2002:
Arena Eyeworks is one of the first optometric practices to introduce the Panoramic 200 retinal imaging system. This VirtualPoint laser technology provides our patients with advanced early disease detection capability and is the first system capable of generating the most comprehensive image of the retina without the inconvenience of pupil dilation. At the push of a button, a digitized scan of the retina is instantly generated.

Dec 10, 2001:
Arena Eyeworks Optometry is selected to be the very first practice in the United States to offer Focus Night & Day extended wear contact lenses for overnight use. Click here for more on this major breakthrough for patients who wish a healthier alternative for daily or overnight wear.

Mar 8, 2000:
Robert Marc,the eyewear designer who has revolutionized the industry, has recently launched his own signature collection of luxury eyewear and Arena Eyeworks has been awarded the exclusive rights to host this exciting collection in San Diego. The collection was conceived and designed with a vision towards the modern, classic and instantly recognizable. Exclusive acetate materials are used to create the collection from varied depths of tortoise, lined in complementing colors. The Robert Marc Collection is designed for the individual with a strong sense of style. New York Citys best now in San Diego.


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