Laser Vision Correction

No-Cost Consultation

Arena Eyeworks Optometry chose to partner with Gordon - Schanzlin Vision Institute based on the mutual commitment to excellence in patient care.  The surgeon and our Optometrist have a relationship much like that of a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon.  Dr. Langford and Dr. Santarlas are experts with regard to vision and vision correction.  They will provide the preoperative examinations and postoperative care.  The Doctor with GSVI is the expert with regard to laser vision correction, and with the use of Optometrist's skills and test results, provides his expertise in performing the surgical procedure.  Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute offers an extensive variety of surgical options for correcting vision problems.  By utilizing the latest in world class technologies, our Optometrists and the surgeon at GSVI are capable of fully customizing your treatment plan for optimal results.

Contact us to get the facts about laser vision correction and schedule a complimentary screening to see if you are a candidate for LASIK.

Advantages of Optometric Involvement:

Optometrists have particular expertise and take pride in their extensive education and training with regard to providing in-depth, comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, as well as accurate spectacle and contact lens prescriptions. Optometrists are the primary care providers of eye care in the United States.

Our Optometrists will provide an independent, objective opinion on how to best achieve vision correction to fit your lifestyle; whether that turns out to be LASIK, another form of refractive surgery, contact lenses, eyeglasses, or vision therapy. If LASIK is right for you, they will determine measurements for the LASIK procedure through an extensive and thorough preoperative exam. The more accurate the work-up, the more precise the outcome.

To Make The Best Decisions...Ask Lots of Questions:

  • How well can I expect to see after Lasik?

  • Will I have a need to ever wear glasses or contacts again?

  • Is one laser better for my needs than another?

  • How important a role does the Optometrist play?

  • Is age a factor?

  • What about cost?

  • Should I wait?

  • How long will it last?

  • What are the risks?

  • Aren't all refractive surgeons the same?

  • Who decides what laser is best for me?

  • What are my options?

  • Will insurance cover part of the procedure?

  • Is there financing available?

  • How many LASIK cases has the Doctor performed?

  • When did the Doctor start performing LASIK?

  • Is the Doctor Board Certified in Corneal and Refractive Surgery?

  • Has the Doctor ever been involved in a malpractice lawsuit or lost anyone's eyesight?

  • How many FDA approved lasers does the Doctor have available to best match your pupil size, corneal curvature and prescription?

  • Is there an additional fee for Lifetime Enhancements, pre-operative and post-operative care or medications?

  • How many other Eye Doctors and their staff has the Doctor operated on?

  • Are ALL instruments sterilized AND calibrated prior to each surgery and does the Doctor use a NEW surgical blade for EVERY patient?

  • Does the Doctor have a detailed database, classified by prescription, available to every patient prior to having surgery?

In short, we attribute our extraordinarily successful outcomes to our structured approach of working together as "partners" with the Surgeon and Patient to achieve excellence in laser vision correction.